Taylor Swift’s 2021 re-released albums have given everyone much to talk about recently for many reasons. But what exactly is going on with these new albums and what is all the hype about? This article will give you some insights. 

What Did She Re-release?

This year, Taylor Swift re-released several of her old albums, including ‘Fearless’ from 2008, and ‘Red’ from 2012. When Taylor originally wrote the ‘Red’ album, she intended to include longer versions of several songs but was told by producers that she had to cut the length if they were to be on a full album. 

The main track that has gotten attention after the re-release of ‘Red’ is the song ‘All Too Well’. When she was recording the album she was going through an emotional time in her life and spur of the moment recorded a ten-minute version of the song in the studio. She went over this and other longer versions of songs that she recorded when writing her older albums and decided to re-release her works under her own label including the longer versions of the songs that she originally wanted to release.

What People Are Wondering

Many people are wondering after such a huge resurgence in listeners for Taylor and all of the talk centred around her if the re-released albums are just a popularity stunt. It is certainly a brilliant marketing strategy to bring back all of the songs that made many listeners originally fall in love with her.

Another aspect of the re-release that has everyone talking is about is the fact that Taylor’s long version of ‘All Too Well’ was written after her break-up with Jake Gyllenhaal, and many fans are wondering if there will be any response to her heart-breaking song about their relationship from the actor.

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